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Best Selection of Flags in Town!

Posted in Redlands Pool & Spa Center, Retail Store | November 16 , 2017

We Have the Best Selection of Flags in Town! Don’t you just love the change of seasons?  Our Evergreen decorative flags, mats and door decor for your home make every season special.  Garden flags are especially fun and easy to change up whenever the season, mood, holiday, or occasion, hits you.  Newer suede-like flags are […]

Firefly Solar Lanterns

Posted in Redlands Pool & Spa Center, Retail Store | May 13 , 2017

     Brighten Your World.   New to our store are Evergreen “Firefly” Silicone Solar Lanterns, which are available now in 5″ White and Green.  Let us know if you love them and we will bring in the 6.75″ size and maybe even the sports team lanterns! Bright, programmable, eco-friendly, and virtually indestructible, they can be used […]

BioGuard TrueBlue Promise

Posted in Redlands Pool & Spa Center, Retail Store | March 24 , 2017

    Never worry about algae or cloudy water again! If you own a swimming pool, then you know how many memorable moments you’ve had there with your family and friends. But you may also recall missing a moment due to a sudden outbreak of algae or the mysterious appearance of cloudy water. These are the […]

Weatherproof Your Swimming Pool

Posted in Redlands Pool & Spa Center, Retail Store | December 28 , 2016

Rain – Great for the drought, a challenge for your pool Thankfully Southern California has finally received some much needed rain and more is expected in the coming weeks.  Conditions like these can introduce dirt, debris, and a variety of other pollutants into your pool water.  This can leave your pool looking like a green monster and can also put […]

Pool Complete™- for a Crystal Clear Pool!

Posted in Redlands Pool & Spa Center, Retail Store | June 14 , 2016

See your pool in Hi-Def! Is your pool water so clear that you can recognize a coin on the bottom?  An innovative NEW product from BioGuard can bring your water to “High Def” clarity you’ll have to see to believe. Take it to the next level with BioGuard® Pool Complete™, the weekly maintenance product that produces water […]