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Big Green Egg Summer BBQ

Posted in Redlands Pool & Spa Center | July 6 , 2016

Flamin'   Texas-Brisket-1200px-1024x427  pork-hand-tacos960

Nothing says summer like a backyard BBQ by the pool.  So fire up your Big Green Egg all summer long with recipes both old and new.  Carne Asada and Fajitas are easy and delicious.  Add a few tortillas, vegies, a Margarita, and dinner is served.

If you’ve only used your Egg as a grill, expand your horizons and try its Pizza Oven capabilities.  It’s great fun for guests to build their own personal pizza and hand it over to you to bake it in the Egg.  It performs like a fire-brick oven.  You can make your own dough or pick up some pre-made, then assemble an array of toppings to choose from.  Suggestions might be the usual pepperoni, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, olives and shredded mozzarella, or how about some prosciutto, pineapple, basil, cilantro, grilled chicken, or goat cheese.  The only limit is your imagination!  For tips, check out “How to Cook Pizza on the Egg” by clicking on the first pic below and then try out some fabulously delicious and easy recipes you can view by CLICKING HERE .

How-To-Cook-a-Pizza-1200-1024x427  ProsciuttoFigGoatCheesePizza  Pizza-Romano-1200-400x167

Enjoy your Big Green Egg Summer BBQ!

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