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Weatherproof Your Swimming Pool

Posted in Redlands Pool & Spa Center, Retail Store | December 28 , 2016

Rain – Great for the drought, a challenge for your pool

Thankfully Southern California has finally received some much needed rain and more is expected in the coming weeks.  Conditions like these can introduce dirt, debris, and a variety of other pollutants into your pool water.  This can leave your pool looking like a green monster and can also put a significant strain on your pool’s surface and equipment.   We have tips you can use to weatherproof your swimming pool.  With a little bit of preparation, you can rest assured that your pool will be safe, clean, and protected , whatever the weather.  Because when the rain is over, you don’t want a green monster like this!


Pre-Storm Pool Preparation:

  1. Remove or secure loose items around the pool area—This will help prevent high winds from depositing your yard furniture, toys, tools, etc. into the pool.
  2. Turn off power to your pool equipment at the main breakers—This will help prevent damage to your pool’s electrical components and avoid dangerous electrical situations potentially caused by flooding.
  3. Balance the water + add a preventative algaecide—Balancing the water, increasing chlorine levels, and adding a preventative algaecide will help decrease contamination and save you time and trouble during cleanup.

Post-Storm Pool Cleanup:

  1. Empty Baskets—Cleaning out your pool’s skimmer & pump baskets will help prevent damage that can occur to your equipment due to an obstruction.
  2. Skim Surface & Rake Bottom—Remove all debris with your Skimmer and Leaf Rake.
  3. Inspect Equipment & Restore Power—Check equipment for water damage. If the equipment is dry and undamaged, restore power at the main breaker. In the event the equipment is wet or appears to be water damaged, do not restore power. Instead, contact your pool professional.
  4. Vacuum Pool & Brush walls—Thoroughly Vacuum & Brush the surface of the pool to remove any dirt and fine debris.
  5. Shock Water—Shock the pool to help break down contaminants introduced by rainwater & debris.
  6. Balance the Water for proper pH, Alkalinity, and Stabilizer levels.
  7. Run the Pump & Filter—Running the pump for 12 -24 hours after shocking/balancing will help to properly sanitize, balance, & remove fine particles from the water.
  8. Clean your Filter—If the pressure in your filter has increased to levels requiring a filter clean, do so. A dirty filter can’t do its job to keep your pool clear and help the chemicals work effectively.

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