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Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

I wanted to include a letter to thank you for all of your help. My husband passed away and taking care of the pool is foreign to me. Your repairman not only fixed the Polaris but he called me and explained what needed to be repaired. And then he went above and beyond and adjusted the float level in my pool because it didn't want to shut off. I can't begin to thank you enough for your service and help. It has made what has been a very difficult time in my life just a little less complicated. I know that I will recommend your company to all of my friends.


I just wanted to take a moment to say that we really appreciate our pool guy! I was truly amazed to see that he came to the house in the pouring rain, sleet, hail and eventually snow last Monday. What a commitment to service!!

S & V

You and we are so lucky to have Justin! Poor guy never knows what adverse conditions he will come across! One Tuesday he came and the pool was all covered with plastic because of painting. He was still able to do his job. The dogs don't even bark when he rolls up! He's a great guy!

D & C

Joey has been FANTASTIC! He goes above and beyond every expectation. He is kind-hearted & compassionate --especially in regards to my disabled son. He treats his duties as more than a job and we want you to be aware of that.

B & J

Thanks to Joseph, our pool looks spectacular!


Matt gives excellent customer service!


Steve, Thank you for your continued efforts in ensuring that I receive great service. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and service.


Today was a good day for me because you sent an efficient, courteous and friendly service tech, 'Mike' in answer to my request for help. In this time it was a real pleasure to have Mike stop by. He was knowledgeable and took the time to correct and adjust pool pump to improve flow of water and to correct vacuum leak problem. Thank you!


Day after Thanksgiving! Wow. JoAnne was at the office and took my call very happily! So wonderful to call and find that help would be on the way! Mike (Super Guy) arrived and we knew right away we were in good hands. He solved the problem, really knew what he was doing and we were back in service! We feel blessed to be a customer.


I just want to commend your company. I just restarted with your company last week when I called with a green pool. Within a couple of hours Steve was out and brought the blue back to the pool and checked and worked on it the next few days. Thank you for the prompt and courteous service!


Clark did a great job! He was very helpful and professional.


Redlands Pool & Spa people are first class!


Service is comparable to no one else!! Great job!


We are extremely happy with George. Our pool and spa have never looked better!


David is the best! He is very polite and attentive. I never worry about the pool when I'm away.


Dan is a genius!! He is so helpful when I come into your store.


Betty is the best tech ever!


Two weeks ago, I went out to turn on the pool heater in preparation for arrival of my 6 grandchildren and discovered the heater would not ignite. I called Redlands Pool and Spa immediately. It was 4:45 PM. As I suspected, I was told the 2 service technicians were busy and the closest appointment he could book was nearly 2 weeks out. I explained the circumstances I was in with the grandchildren. It must have rung a bell with him because after we hung up, he called me back to say he had called Mike, who had agreed to swing by my address on his way home. Mike arrived and quickly identified the problem, worked through it, had the necessary part on his truck to fix the heater and tested it before leaving. It was pleasing for me to see someone understand the old time work ethic and value of great customer service. My grandchildren and their parents gave our pool a big workout over that weekend. Mike represents your business extremely well and even though I have been a long time customer with you, I will share my experience with all those who give me a chance to brag about your company and the fine employees you have working there.


Clark & Curtis are very professional technicians and did a great job.  Thank you!.


That Clark is a good guy.  Thank you.


Joey is a great Tech and gives excellent customer service.


A very professional operation. Top notch sales staff (Matt Velasquez), and expert delivery and installation crew delivered my new HotSprings Aria without a hitch. Spa arrived without a scratch and appears to be silently humming along.  It has the Ace salt system and spa tone cabinet, a very beautiful and high end spa.  Their pricing was very competitive, and the spa arrived in perfect time as promised. Redlands Pool Center is long established for a very good reason.


Very good service.  They were able to work with me considering my budget.  They tested my pool water for free and gave me some specific recommendations.  Pool is now looking awesome.  Wasn't pressured by buy anything more than what I needed.


Redlands Pool and SpaCenter has taken care of our pool in Yucaipa for over 10 years...honest and dependable service. If something comes up requiring repair (not often) let's you know your choices. Never a hard sell. Answers their phone. Talented crew. Highly recommend.


Again I received excellent service from Redlands Pool & Spa Center.  My pool pump was making a racket and the Polaris Pool Sweep was barely moving.  A serviceman came out within a day after receiving my request for service, and cleaned the filter and repaired the pool sweep by replacing a couple of worn parts at a reasonable price, and all is now well with my pumps, pool sweep, and swimming pool.  They also clean spas well, and sell bottles of fragrant liquid drops to toss in.  I recently enjoyed Vanilla Twist aroma, and just purchased Cucumber.

This is a first-rate, fair, and honest provider of pool and spa services.  They also have great house pole flags available for all seasons.


Been coming here from E Highlands and Redlands during the past 25 years for pool products, service, repair and new equipment. You can't beat their experience, service, value and integrity!


Best place to buy all your pool and spa needs ! Everyone is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I would and will very highly recommend Redlands Pool & Spa.


They are fabulous. The guys are super knowledgeable and understanding. Matt and Josh are very customer oriented.


I took a pump in for repair which I felt was toast and was fearing that it needed to be completely replaced. The guys took it apart, found that it was simply a rubber band tangled around the motor. It's great to know that there are still honest people in business today. I will forever refer friends and family their direction. Thanks guys!!!!


These guys are pros. We have used them for years to do various repairs on our pool and spa equipment. We also purchased chemicals at the store and get lots of good advice on how to maintain our system. When we purchased our new but older home in Redlands we had Cal do a pool inspection for us.  Turns out they has been servicing this pool for over twenty years and knew everything about it.  We continue to use them now to do our weekly service and recommend them to friends and clients.


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