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Welcome to Redlands Pool & Spa Center, where all of us are true believers in the power of water to make your life better.
Whether you already own a pool or spa, or would like to, we can help ensure that you have the most enjoyable experience possible, a life made better through water.  A swimming pool or a hot tub is a gathering place for family and friends, a place to unwind after a long day, a place to both exercise and relax, a place for young, old and everyone in between.  It should also be easy to care for and maintain because your time is valuable.  That's where we come in.  Our specialties are knowledge, experience, and quality, whether it's the products we carry or the services we provide.  So come on in, the water's fine!

Woman in spa.jpgWhy do people love their hot tubs?  For some, it's a relaxing oasis at the end of the day, for others it provides relief from pain, and for most, it's a warm and comfortable place to converse with friends and family.  Many of those who use theirs regularly tell us it's the best investment they ever made.  Our Hot Tub Showroom  features hot tubs in every price range from Hot Spring Highlife®, Limelight®, Hot Spot®, and Freeflow Spas® With Wells Fargo financing available, if you haven't made the investment yet, now may be the time.  Go to our "Spas" tab for more info.

Redlands Pool & Spa Center has what you need for swimming in the sun and hot tubbing in the moonlight, including pool toys, energy efficient equipment, replacement parts, accessories, water balancers, enhancers and more.  AND we offer FREE computerized water testing - your key to shimmering, sparkling, healthy water.  Come in and see us whenever you need a helping hand.

culinary-food.jpgWe're all about water, but having a pool or a spa means you're spending more time in your backyard too, and that means grilling.  Our California lifestyle is great for BBQing all year long and we know there's no better grill than the Big Green Egg.  Because it's not just a grill.  It's a Grill, a Smoker, AND an Oven.  Let us show you our selection of Eggs and "Eggcessories" and explain why Egg owners are such a passionate (and fun) bunch!

As fun as pools and spas are, sometimes they need a little TLC from a trained professional.  For those moments we have a weekly pool & spa service, repair, and equipment installation team that can't be beat.  Go to our "Services"  tab for more info, and then give us a call.

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